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Working one on one with an interior designer should be an intimate relationship developed through trust, communication and dedication. The client designer rapport is the quintessential ingredient for the success of any given project, no matter the scale.”

- Kristen Ball, Designer, Creative Spaces by KB

Nothing compliments good food like a pleasant atmosphere.

Nothing compliments good food like a pleasant atmosphere.

Choosing to enlist the services of Creative Spaces by KB has numerous benefits. Within the inner circles of design, architecture and construction, your interior designer will have an extensive list of professional referrals to offer. All of whom they have worked with on varied projects in the past; thus ensuring your interior design project is completed accurately, on time and within budget.
A soothing atmosphere eases tension from today's busy lifestyleCreative Spaces by KB designers have exclusive access to premium vendors, select manufacturers, and custom furniture producers throughout the major interior design hubs in the United States, not otherwise available to the retail consumer. Combined with the designer’s talent, experience and creativity we are sure to evoke a more innovative and timeless design, worthy of years of appreciation for the homeowner.

While interior decorating is truly an art form, unlike artists of other disciplines we pride ourselves on working with our clients and incorporating their own interior design ideas.

We will go to great lengths to meet your interior design needs, and provide our services to most Phoenix areas!




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